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book title: Troublemakers
deck: Silicon Valley’s coming of age.
author: by Leslie Berlin • PhD
date: 2018

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— summary —

The story of 7 high-tech pioneers. This is a richly told narrative of the Silicon Valley generation that launched 5 major tech industries in 7 years, laying the foundation for today’s world.

Written by journalist Leslie Berlin PhD, project historian at the Silicon Valley Archives of Stanford University.

At a time when the 5 most valuable companies on the planet are high-tech firms — Troublemakers is the story of how we got here. This is the gripping history of 7 pioneers of Silicon Valley in the 1970s + early 1980s. Together, they worked across industries to bring tech from deep inside government offices and university labs — to mainstream life.

Meet the people and their stories.

In her book Troublemakers respected author Leslie Berlin PhD introduces the people + stories behind the birth of the web and the micro-processor — plus these famous companies:

  • Apple — personal computing software company
  • Atari — video game software company
  • Genentech — bio-medical research + pharmaceuticals company
  • Xerox — print + digital documents company
  • ROLM — computer hardware + telephone systems company
  • ASK Group — business + manufacturing software company
  • Sequoia Capital — start-up investment firm
  • Kleiner Perkins Caufield + Byers — start-up investment firm

In 7 years — 5 major industries were born: personal computing, video games, bio-technology, modern start-up investment, and enterprise data-base systems. Stanford University began licensing faculty innovations to business, and the Silicon Valley tech community began to have influence in modern US politics.

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The mavericks who invented our future.

Together, these troublemakers re-wrote the rules and invented our future. Featured are well-known Silicon Valley trailblazers including these legendary people:

name: Steve Jobs — co-founder of Apple
bio: Visionary leader who began the personal digital device revolution.

name: Regis McKenna — marketing guru
bio: Instrumental in launching the most innovative products of the computer age.

name: Don Valentine — early investor
bio: Called the grand-father of Silicon Valley venture capital.

name: Al Alcorn — engineer at Atari
bio: Pioneer of the first successful video game.

name: Sandra Kurtzig — founder of ASK Group
bio: One of the first female software entrepreneurs.

name: Bob Taylor — inventor at Xerox
bio: An internet genius who innovated the personal computer.

name: Fawn Alvarez — Chief of Staff at ROLM
bio: Progressed from a factory assembler to an executive.

name: Robert Swanson — co-founder of Genentech
bio: A leading bio-tech investor.

name: Larry Ellison — co-founder of Oracle
bio: Software business magnate.

name: Mike Markkula — CEO at Apple
bio: Early investor in personal computing.

name: Niels Reimers — founder of the Office of Tech Licensing Stanford Univ.
bio: A transformative business thinker.

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— author profile —

name: Leslie Berlin • PhD
web: home

1. |

bio: project historian
group: Stanford Univ.
web: home • channel
motto: The winds of freedom blow.

group: Silicon Valley Archives
web: home

2. |

bio: fellow
group: Stanford Univ.
web: home • channel
motto: The winds of freedom blow.

group: Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences
web: home
tag line: A leading incubator of human-centered knowledge, to collectively design a better future.

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3. |

bio: advisor
group: Smithsonian Institution
web: home • channel
tag line: The world’s largest museum and research complex

group: National Museum of American History
web: home • channel
tag line: Empowering people to create a just + compassionate future by exploring, preserving, and sharing our past.

group: Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention + Innovation
web: home • channel
tag line: Exploring invention + innovation through stories, activities, and research.

image | left

The historian, journalist, and book author Leslie Berlin PhD. She’s best-known for her subject matter expertise on the rise of the age of computing.

She follows the evolution of digital tech that’s become key to everyday life.

selected listening

series: History in 5
web: home • channel
tag line: A weekly dose of history.

featurette title: 5 character traits that made Silicon Valley what it is today
hostess: Leslie Berlin • PhD

— summary —

In the space of only 7 years and 35 miles, 5 major industries — personal computing, video games, bio-tech, venture capital, and advanced micro-electronic semi-conductor logic — were born. Stanford University historian Leslie Berlin PhD introduces the people + discusses the pervasive character traits behind the success.

presented by

group: Simon + Schuster
web: home • channel
tag line: Find your next great read.


Apple | home • channel
Oracle | home • channel

Roche | home V channel
Genentech • by Roche | home • channel

Xerox | home • channel
PARC • by Xerox | home • channel

Stanford Univ. | home • channel
Stanford Univ. • Office of Tech Licensing | home • channel

Kleiner Perkins | home • channel
Sequoia Capital | home • channel
Ellison Foundation | home

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— notes + abbreviations —

* Silicon Valley is colloquial for the San Francisco, CA bay area • United States

ASK Group = founders names — Ari + Sandra Kurtzig
ROLM = founders names — Richeson, Oshman, Loewenstern, Maxfield
PARC = Palo Alto Research Center • by Xerox

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deck: Silicon Valley’s coming of age.
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