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US 2020 GDP Could be -2% With Possible Full Pandemic Economic Recovery By End of 2021

The Philadelphia Federal Reserve published results of a survey of 35 economic forecasters on August 14, 2020. They predicted the US economy would expand at an annual rate of 19.1 percent in the third quarter. This was almost double the prediction of 10.6 percent from the last survey. The forecasters expected real GDP to decrease 5.2 percent in 2020 but …

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This Week’s Awesome Tech Stories From Around the Web (Through September 19)

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE How to Give A.I. a Pinch of ConsciousnessChris Baraniuk | OneZero“That higher, attentive level of processing is not always necessary — or even desirable — but it seems to be crucial for humans to learn new skills or adapt to unexpected challenges. A.I. systems and robots could potentially avoid the stupidity that currently plagues them if only they …

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Tweak could boost vaccine protection and cut inflammation

Share this Article You are free to share this article under the Attribution 4.0 International license. By adding a molecule, researchers have found a way to reduce inflammatory response to vaccines. Adjuvants are a key ingredient of many modern vaccines, working to unleash an immune response that helps protect the body from disease. Many scientists believe that adjuvants are the …

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We Are Begging You to Stop Injecting Yourselves With Homebrewed COVID Vaccines

In a new paper in the journal Science, a team of scientists has a blunt request: please stop injecting yourselves with homebrewed COVID vaccines. Co-author Jacob Sherkow, a University of Illinois law professor, unloaded on citizen scientists experimenting with inoculating against the coronavirus in a strongly worded university press release. “We’re all sympathetic to the notion that people want to …

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As ressonâncias magnéticas preveem o sucesso da enxaqueca com acupuntura

A acupuntura é eficaz para o tratamento de enxaquecas. Pesquisadores da Harvard Medical School, da Xidian University e da Capital Medical University consideram a acupuntura eficaz na redução das crises de enxaqueca. Eles descobriram que a estrutura do cérebro pré-tratamento do paciente é preditiva da taxa de sucesso alcançada pela acupuntura para a redução ou eliminação das enxaquecas. [1] Usando …

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Planes Flying in Geese-Like V-Formation For 5-10% Fuel Savings

Airbus will have fuel-saving v-formation flight tests of two Airbus A350 aircraft with airline tests as early as 2021 with flights over oceans. Flying in v-formation could reduce fuel usage by 5-10%. Airbus is targeting a controlled Entry-Into-Service (EIS) by around 2025. Fello’fly is part of Airbus UpNext, an Airbus subsidiary created to give future technologies a development fast track …

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Could It Really Harbor Life? New Study Springs a Surprise

Earth’s sister planet, Venus, has not been regarded as a high priority in the search for life. Its surface temperature of around 450°C is thought to be hostile to even the hardiest of micro-organisms, and its thick, sulfurous, and acidic atmosphere has kept the surface almost completely free from visiting spacecraft. We have only had the briefest of glimpses of …

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Top 10 tips to Improve Work Performance to Make Projects Successful

Employees have always been the most crucial asset of any organization because they help to improve business growth by combining their skills and experience.  In every department, you have some employees who often leave you impressed, while others give a satisfactory performance to justify their place.  But, is that enough?       Nope! You have to bring the best out of each …

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3D model may lead to new pulmonary fibrosis treatments

Share this Article You are free to share this article under the Attribution 4.0 International license. A new 3D bioengineered model of lung tissue is poking holes in decades worth of flat, Petri dish observations into how the deadly disease pulmonary fibrosis progresses, researchers say. The causes of pulmonary fibrosis are not fully understood, but the condition is marked by …

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Hubble Catches Massive New Storm Brewing on Jupiter

Jupiter Storm Last month, NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope took a gorgeous new close-up image of Jupiter some 406 million miles from Earth, with the planet’s icy moon Europa pictured off to the left. In addition to the iconic Great Red Spot region, scientists were able to spot a brand new storm brewing — and it’s a big one. Credit: NASA, …